A few months ago I shared that phishing scams are getting more sophisticated with scammers targeting hotel staff in order to phish their customers.

Someone I know got targeted with such as scam this week. They had a hotel reservation booked through a booking website and paid for months ago, and they received the message shown in the screenshot below. The message was also sent out by email, using the booking platform’s email server, so it comes across as a legitimate email.

The scammer had compromised the hotel’s account for that booking website and sent a message. The message used the typical scamming technique of creating a sense of urgency. “Immediate Action Required…. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your booking.”

Protect yourself from phishing by following these steps:

1. Think before clicking on a link

2. Never provide your details via a link in a message

3. Contact the person or business (through a different source) to check if they sent the message

That’s it from me, stay informed, stay safe and stay secure