A US government board tasked with investigating major cyberattacks failed to properly scrutinize the SolarWinds hack, a devastating attack in 2020. The Biden administration had ordered the board to review the incident, but it instead focused on other vulnerabilities.

The SolarWinds attack involved Russian hackers infiltrating US government agencies through a flaw in Microsoft software. This hack was a major wake-up call, highlighting critical security weaknesses.

Experts believe a full investigation into SolarWinds could have exposed security flaws at Microsoft that were later exploited by Chinese hackers in 2023. This highlights the missed opportunity to potentially prevent a future attack.

The board, housed within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), claims it fulfilled its mandate. However, critics argue the board lacked independence due to its composition and limited resources. The board is now seeking more funding and investigative power.

Lawmakers are calling for reform, with some advocating for the board to become a fully independent agency similar to the National Transportation Safety Board. This would allow for a more thorough examination of cyberattacks and potentially lead to improved cybersecurity measures.