AI took centre stage in 2023 with tools like ChatGPT making headlines. What can we expected in 2024? Here’s my predictions on how it’ll revolutionise the way we code, secure and hire.

Imagine a world where code practically writes itself. AI-powered development tools are on the horizon, churning out code completion suggestions, unearthing hidden bugs, and even conducting automated testing. Low-code and no-code platforms will rise, letting anyone become a programmer, potentially doubling software development speed.

But before we toast to faster releases, let’s raise an eyebrow at the security implications. Blindly trusting AI outputs could introduce unseen vulnerabilities. While these tools are expected to learn and improve significantly in 2024, the potential for bug-filled code still lingers.

This is where AI comes in, again, but on the defensive side. Cybersecurity will get a boost from AI too, with tools capable of penetrating systems, simulating attacker behavior, and providing real-time security monitoring. AI-powered firewalls will rise, learning to adapt to constantly evolving threats.

However, this feast of innovation comes with a side dish of challenges. Both developers and cybersecurity professionals will need a whole new skillset to handle these powerful tools. The coding landscape will shift, demanding adaptability and a deeper understanding of how AI works. Cybersecurity teams will need to learn to orchestrate these defensive AI tools, becoming less like hunters and more like trainers.

But let’s clear the air – AI isn’t replacing you tomorrow. But it could stop you from getting hired. AI powered tool are already being used to automate resume screening and promotion recommendations and it might discriminate. Imagine, your entire career path hanging in the balance of an algorithm analyzing your resume. Bias and inefficiencies in these algorithms could unfairly hinder your chances.

So, while AI speeds up code and secures systems, we need to ensure it doesn’t slow down opportunities or introduce new biases. This isn’t just about tech; it’s about responsible innovation, ensuring everyone has a seat at the table in this brave new AI-powered world.

Remember, stay informed, stay adaptable, and most importantly, stay human.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast