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The Australian Government has released its revised cyber security strategy for its plan to become a world leader in cyber security by 2030.

The strategy states that the Australian government needs to hold itself to the same standard it imposes on industry. It seeks to make Australia a hard target for cyber-attacks by undermining cyber-crime business models and putting Australian businesses and consumers in a stronger position to prepare and respond effectively. The strategy recognises that it is not just about defending against threats, but also supporting technology adoption and growing the economy. And that this is a whole of nation effort. The strategy is built around six shields.

1. Strong businesses and citizens
2. Safe technology
3. World-class threat sharing and blocking
4. Protected critical infrastructure
5. Sovereign capabilities
6. Resilient region and global leadership

Work on this is expected to start sometime in the next two year. Over $580 million in new funding has been committed under the strategy, and this is on top of the existing $2.3 billion for existing cyber initiatives. The bulk of the new funding will go towards protecting businesses and citizens through new support programs, public awareness campaigns, ransomware reporting requirements, strengthening critical infrastructure and government assets and building regional cyber resilience and global leadership. The Cyber Coordinator will be responsible for the whole-of-government coordination and delivery of the strategy.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast