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Two third party service providers for the Canadian government had suffered breaches, resulting in data in the last 24 years being potentially compromised.

Both of the affected third parties provide relocation services for the Canadian government and the servers impacted by the breach held data related to current and former Canadian government staff, members of the Canadian armed forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police workers. There is a significant volume of data that is being assessed and the government said that they cannot yet identify specific individuals that were impacted. Preliminary information indicates that the breached information could belong to anyone who had used the relocation services as early as 1999 and may include any personal and financial information that the employees had provided to those companies. The Canadian government also said that they are not waiting for the outcome of the analysis and are taking a proactive precautionary approach to supporting those potentially affected. Those support included providing credit monitoring and reissuing of valid passports that may have been compromised.

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