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A cyber attack on an international logistics firm has disrupted freight movement in multiple Australian ports.

DP World Australia suffered a cyber attack which disrupted it’s landside freight operations. The company has a significant presence in Australia. It operates logistics terminals in ports of Fremantle, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and handles 40% of Australia’s container trade. The attack resulted in around 30,000 shipping containers not being moved and crowding of available storage space at the ports. It is estimated that the damages run up to the millions of dollars as many stranded containers hold time sensitive goods such as blood plasma, wagyu beef and lobster. The company activated its emergency plans, engaged with cyber security experts and took three days to resume operations. Australia’s National Cyber Security Coordinator has described the attack as a nationally significant cyber incident. The Cyber Security Minister also said that the incident has shown how vulnerable Australia is to cyber incidents and how much better we need to work together to make sure we keep Australians safe.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast