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Okta has suffered yet another data breach. This one affecting their employees’ personal information.

The cloud identity and access management solutions provider has suffered a series of data breaches in recent years with the most recent being in October 2023 where attackers stole sensitive customer information, including cookie and session tokens. Some of their impacted customers from that exposure included Cloudflare and 1Password. This latest breached was due to was due to a security incident with one of their third party providers. That third party is Rightway Healthcare, and it provides healthcare coverage for Okta employees and their families. Around 5,000 current and former employees had their personal information impacted by this breach. The  information included full names, social security numbers and health or medical insurance plan numbers. While there has been no evidence that the personal information has been misused, those who are impacted had been offered two years credit monitoring, identity theft protection and fraud protection services.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast