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Casio has suffered a data breach that has affected over 120,000 customers in 149 countries.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer said that the data breach occurred in, which is one of its software subsidiaries. ClassPad is Casio’s education web app that allows users to work with computation, graphing, statistics and more. The information that was leaked included customer names, email addresses, country of residence, order details, service usage information and payment methods. Credit card information was not included in the breach. Of those impacted, over 91,000 were customer in Japan and over 35,000 were customers residing in other countries. Casio said that the cause of the breach was due to some of the network settings in the development environment being disabled due to a system operational error. As part of their response, they restricted access to the affected databases and have reported the incident to Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission and to JUAS (the ‘PrivacyMark’ certification organisation). Casio also said in their statement that they will continue to consult with and engage an external security specialist organisation to conduct further internal investigations, analyze the root cause, and devise appropriate countermeasures in response to this incident. They will also be engaging a law firm and are cooperating with the police investigations

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