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Since the Israel-Hamas War, there’s been numerous crypto donation scam site appearing online.

Scammers have been capitalising on the horrific events of the Israel-Hamas conflict by pretending to be legitimate charities and collecting donations. These websites have been impersonating legitimate charities by copying their websites. The scammers have been promoting their scam websites on different social media accounts including X, Telegram and Instagram. Security researchers have also spotted over 500 scam emails claiming to be charities fundraising to support victims of the ongoing Middle Eastern crisis. The scam websites accepts donation by credit card or via cryptocurrency and accepts crypto payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin or USDT. Fortunately security researchers have not observed any donations made to the cyrptocurrency wallets. Viewers are urged to scrutinise the donation pages thoroughly before donating. Scam charities often lack essential information about their charity organisers, information about recipients, legitimate documentation and transparency on the usage of the funds.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast