I had the great opportunity to speak in Melbourne at the FST Future of Security Event.

I participated in the Preventing Cyber Attacks Panel Discussion and we spoke on the following agenda:

  • Establishing a proactive post-quantum security framework that secures your data
  • Evolving beyond enterprise cyber defenses like public key technology
  • Become cyber resilient by protecting your cloud-based networks through encryption
  • Securing your enterprise through preventative IAM measures

The panel discussion had Luke moderating and the other panelist were Simon, Simon and Anthea, The sessions was a lot of fun. We didn’t cover all the items in the agenda but instead shared our views on what organisations needed to do to stay safe and secure. There were also lots of questions from the audiences and we dived into a number of them.

The event website is at https://fst.net.au/event/future-of-security-melbourne-2023/ and below are a few photos taken at the event. (including a photo during my morning walk along the Yarra river).