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Early this week, there was a tragic bus accident in NSW’s Hunter Valley region. A bus, which was returning from a local wedding, overturned, killing 10 people and injuring a further 14. Following the accident, scammers wasted no time in targeting unsuspecting donors. Multiple GoFundMe pages had been setup which were circulating across social media. GoFundMe said that they have mobilised their crisis response teams, who are continually monitoring, vetting and verifying all fundraisers for those who have been affected by this incident. They said that all donations are safety held until the GoFundMe Trust & Safety Team are able to complete their checks to ensure that funds can be transferred safely to the intended beneficiary. For those wanting to donate, the local football club is setting up an official page and that link would be posted to their Facebook page in due course.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast