WeLiveSecurity has published an article sharing 5 simple strategies for maintaining your online privacy. The first is to not provide your primary email address to services which you don’t really care that much about. These could be websites that require you to submit an email address to access restricted content. You can use a disposable address, or better yet, use an email relay service like Apple’s Hide My Email, Firefox Relay or DuckDuckGo’s private Email address. This will generate a unique email address which will automatically forward emails to your primary email. Once you are done with them or are getting too much spam or phishing, you can destroy the disposable account. The next is to create a secondary email address for logins and important newsletter. Don’t use your primary email address for anything other than staying in touch with friends and family. This will keep your inbox organised, spam free and protected from data leaks. Next is to use a burner phone number for all your online needs. Because you use your burner for online purposes, if you get a call, you can immediately assume it is a scam. Number 4 is to use single-use virtual cards for making online purchases. Because these cards are randomised, hackers won’t be able to track your real information. Lastly use app-generated 2FA codes instead of SMS. Its more secure and prevents your number from being exposed. For more details on those 5 strategies, check out the article by WeLiveSecurity.


This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast