Had a fantastic time at AISA Sydney Sec today!

Todd Sampson was the keynotes speaker and gave a presentation titled Brain Power where he shared his learning from his science documentary series, Redesign My Brain and Body Hack. He spoke about creativity and how we lose it as we got older. He also spoke about forced adaptation and shared some brain training techniques such as learning another languages, learning a musical instrument and doing activities like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand.

There were a number of good talks including a conversation with Australia’s new Privacy Commissioner, Carly Kind.

My talk was in the afternoon and in the learning lab. It was my first time attending and speaking at the event, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to connect with both new and familiar faces.

The conversations and networking were top-notch, and I’m grateful to everyone who stopped by my talk. The Q&A session afterwards was particularly engaging, and I appreciate the insightful questions.

Below is a picture of me setting up and getting ready for my presentation