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Info stealing malware do not discriminate when it is stealing personal information. Security researchers, discovered that some of the information stolen are also from hackers. Security researchers analysing stolen data from 100 of the leading cybercrime forums found that 120,000 of the infected computers belonged to hackers. Some of them even having credentials to the associated cybercrime forum stolen. The data stolen included email addresses, usernames, names, addresses, phone numbers, computer names and IP addresses. The data was stolen using various techniques, including info stealing malware. These are malware that search specific locations on the computer for login information, such as web browsers. They are a primary initial attack vector and infections from such malware have surged by 6,000% since 2018! They are usually installed by victims through fake software and using techniques like paid ads on search engine to give them visibility. Hackers are human too and some of them fell prey and installed those software. I guess they could have been the less skilled ones who might be more gullible. The security researchers did note that the compromised passwords for cybercrime forums are generally stronger compared to passwords used for other sites, such as government websites.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast