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Microsoft just released their 2022 Digital Defense Report. The 114 page report covers the state of cybercrime, nation state threats, device and infrastructure, cyber influence operations and cyber resilience. Cyber criminals get taking  two strategies to gain access. They are either increasing campaigns with broad targets that relies on volume, or using surveillance and more selective targeting to increase the rate of return. There’s also a rise in hacktivism by private citizens, conducting cyberattacks to further social or political goals. Organisations need to regularly review and strengthen access controls and implement security strategies to defend against cyberattacks.

The rate of successful ransomware events is 1 organisation falling victim out of 2,500 that are targeted.

Nation state actors are frequently targeting corporate IT supply chains, exploiting unpatch vulnerabilities. Attackers are increasingly leveraging vulnerabilities in IoT device firmware to infiltrate corporate networks. They are also using using cyber influence operations to distribute propaganda to shape opinion, discredit adversaries, and promote discord, both domestically and internationally.

Also the vast majority of successful cyberattacks could be prevented by using basic security hygiene. Check out the report for more details.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast