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When an organisation suffers a data breach, should they pay the ransom demands? This has been a hot topic in recent weeks with the Medibank breach. That breach affected 9.7 million customers and is the worst hack in Australian corporate history. The company had rejected the hacker’s 9.7 million dollars ransom demand and it could now face a 1 billion dollar bill in total cost. The government’s advice is to not pay the hackers as it would encourage them to keep hacking and paying is no guarantee that the hackers won’t release the data. Others, such as professional hacker Chris Rock, don’t quite share that view and says that while the advice is good for governments, it is bad for business and especially those who’s data have been compromised. The Sydney Morning Herald article has generated a ton of comments for both sides of the argument. What’s your view? Share them with us on twitter @its505pm.

This segment was created for the It’s 5:05 podcast