I had a LinkedIn Request from a colleague today and decided to take some time to update my LinkedIn profile.

I realised that I hadn’t put any information in there about the keynote speech I gave for the University’s Trade show and Research showcase event in 2013 and decided to search the internet for some information which I can use for reference on LinkedIn.

I did a Google search for “UOW Edwin Kwan” and found a lot more information about me, even links to pages which I didn’t know existed. So I’ve decided to write a little compilation to all the relevant information that I have found.

There was the keynote speech mentioned in the UOW media coverage and also in an Engineering and Information Sciences newsletter. Then there is the video about my graduate experience and also a website which has a showcase of all the featured videos. And there is also a link to an abstract of my honors thesis paper which I co-published together with Janusz and presented at the 2007 ICSOFT conference in Barcelona.

What I didn’t know about and surprised me was that there is a link to a university published magazine called UniSpeak which had me listed as a contributor and had an article about my work in the Telecommunications field, where I specialised in mobile location technologies, and what I thought about the future of ICT. I remembered being interviewed over the phone for the article and the person told me then that it was for a magazine article, but I never heard from him after the phone interview and forgot all about it.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet about yourself. Have you Google searched yourself recently?

Keynote speech

UniSpeak article which interviewed me about my job

Honors thesis

UOW Graduate Video about me and my job.

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