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Underwater Fashion Photography With Mishka

Here are some photos from an underwater fashion photography shoot with Mishka. It was taken in her swimming pool and it was shot in the evening as we were trying to take advantage of the Blue lights in her pool. Hope you enjoy them.

Family Photo Shoot with Leanne

Did a family photo shoot with the Leanne’s family over the weekend and below are some of the photos.

We did the photo shoot at East Corrimal beach. There’s a playground there, parking is close to the beach and it is not as crowded as Fairy Meadow or North Wollongong beach.

The shoot was a lot of fun and the kids loved it! There’s one photo below of the family doing “Silly Faces”.

20110828-019) Leanne Family Shoot.jpg20110828-049) Leanne Family Shoot.jpg20110828-055) Leanne Family Shoot.jpg20110828-072) Leanne Family Shoot.jpg