Photo Shoot of Bella

Did a photo shoot two weeks ago for my good friend, Mel’s daughters, Bella and Lily. Below are the photos.

20130305-01) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-02) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-03) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-04) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-05) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-06) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-07) Bella.jpg20130305-08) Bella.jpg20130305-09) Bella.jpg20130305-10) Bella.jpg20130305-11) Melissa, Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-12) Lily and Mel.jpg20130305-13) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-14) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-15) Lily and Bella.jpg