Scuba Diving at Currarong

Went scuba diving down at Currarong on Saturday. Saw schools of Yellow Tail Fusiliers and Old Wives. Also saw two Wobbegong sharks, 2 moray eels and a massive bull ray! Below is a video of the dive, the first part shows the start of the dive, when we just descended. The second part, which is about 0:41 into the video, shows the Wobbegong Shark. The video quality isn’t that great as it was shot with my compact camera.

Photos from the Dive

20110319-002) Roland and Ben Gearing Up.jpg20110319-009) Old Wives.jpg20110319-012) Moray Eel.jpg20110319-020) Wobbegong Shark.jpg20110319-025) Roland Curll.jpg20110319-039) Nudibranch.jpg20110319-041) Sea Biscuit.jpg