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Borobudor Temple

Buddha statue overlooking the Merapi Volcano on a foggy morning.


At the top of Borobudor Temple


Power Nap on Top of Cradle Mountain

Did the Overland Track Over Christmas/New Years. We had a group of 10 people and it took us 8 days as we did most of the side trips.

This photo was taken at the top of the overland track.

There is a bit of scrambling to get to the top of Crater Mountain but the view from up there was amazing!

Here Lis is taking a power nap right at the edge of the mountain!

Road Trip Around New Zealand’s North Island

Last week I did a road trip around New Zealand’s North Island. Few in to Auckland, spent 3 nights in the city, visiting nearby attractions like Mount Zion, Cathedral Cove and Hot Water beach at Coromandel. Then drove to Russel, Bay of Islands, spent a night there, then visited Ahipara to do a Sand Safari along the 90 mile beach, spent a night at the Tree House Lodge in Hokianga before heading to Aukland; but not before stopping by at the Labyrinth, Funky Fish and Waiwera Pools. Below are some of the photos taken on the trip.


First Dive off the HMAS Adelaide

Descending to the HMAS AdelaideGreg and Peter at the Bow of HMAS AdelaideBow of HMAS AdelaideAir BanksStern of HMAS AdelaideHelicopter Hanger of HMAS AdelaideHelicopter Hanger of HMAS Adelaide

The HMAS Adelaide is an Australian Naval Destroyer which was sunk in early May to create an artificial dive reef, the first of its kind in NSW. The dive site is located off Avoca Beach near Terrigal, which is about 2hrs north of Sydney. I did my first dive there on 29th May 2011 and below are some of the shots taken.

You can find out more about the HMAS Adelaide at


Munich was a Blast

Guten Tag,

I’ve spent the last few days in Munich, visiting and photographing cathedrals and castles in the day and drinking heaps of beer in the evening! Below are some photos from my stay in Munich!

View of Marienplatz Town hall from St. Peters

The photo above was taken from the top of St. Peters. It’s the Town Hall in Marienplatz. Every day at 11am and 12noon, the clock tower will chime and the many figurines will move. This was taken at 11am.

Painting on the wall of houses at Oberammergau

On the drive to Neuschwanstein Castle, we stopped by the town of Oberammergau. The walls of the houses had paintings on it and they were usually tell a story of one of the many fairy tales like little red riding hood.

Below are photos of Neuchwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle


Also there were lots of fruit stalls around Marienplatz. The fruits of the season seems to be Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.