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Catching a Wave in Bondi

Was at Bondi on Saturday and managed to catch this picture of Surfers catching a wave.



This was a picture I took a while back of Lis White from as part of the Sunrise Yoga photo shoot taken at Wollongong Harbour.

First Dive off the HMAS Adelaide

Descending to the HMAS AdelaideGreg and Peter at the Bow of HMAS AdelaideBow of HMAS AdelaideAir BanksStern of HMAS AdelaideHelicopter Hanger of HMAS AdelaideHelicopter Hanger of HMAS Adelaide

The HMAS Adelaide is an Australian Naval Destroyer which was sunk in early May to create an artificial dive reef, the first of its kind in NSW. The dive site is located off Avoca Beach near Terrigal, which is about 2hrs north of Sydney. I did my first dive there on 29th May 2011 and below are some of the shots taken.

You can find out more about the HMAS Adelaide at


Sunrise at Wollongong Lighthouse

I woke up early this morning to catch a glimpse of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars. It’s supposed to be an event that occurs every 100 years, so I just couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Below is a star map of the planets’ position at 6:13am this morning (May 13 2011) in Wollongong.


Star Map for May 13 2011 in Wollongong

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the planets as they were quite a fair bit above the horizon at 6:13am and it was starting to get bright. I did take a photo of the sunrise at Wollongong Lighthouse.


Wollongong Light House Sunrise

p.s: I’ve still getting back to routine after returning from holidays and hence haven’t been posting much yet. I have plenty of photos to share and they will be up soon.

The Stolen Scream

Having your photography viewed by hundreds of people is what every photographer wants, but only if you paid for your work or you get credit for it. However today, especially on the internet, too often do photographs get ‘stolen’ by businesses, websites and artists. I had it happen to me before, where my photos on facebook were downloaded and republished in someone else’s photo album and they laid claim to it.

For Noam Galai, you’ve probably seen his photos before. His Photography was stolen hundreds of times for years without his knowledge. This is his story.

The video below is an original fstoppers interview of Noam Galai.

The Stolen Scream: A Story About Noam Galai from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Joker Time!

Taken back in 2009 where we had a costume party for a friend’s 30th.