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Cow Branding

During last week’s visit to Goondiwindi, I got to experience a few of the things that happen at a farm and had the opportunity to observe a few cows getting branded. I’ve created a video to document the process.

MCA #CloseToChuck

Went to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia for a social media evening for their upcoming “Chuck Close – Prints, Process, Collaboration” exhibit. The event started at the outside foyer of the MCA where we were treated to champagne and liquid nitrogen gelato by There we were welcomed to the event by The MCA director, Liz Ann and then lead upstairs to level 3 for a tour of the Chuck Close exhibition by the exhibition curator, Terri Sultan. Museum and art pieces fascinate me, but it’s so much more enjoyable when you have the curator explaining the story/process behind each piece. The choice of materials chuck used is quite fascinating, I’ve included a few of the photos of some of the exhibition pieces which I particularly like. There’s a self portrait of himself which he printed in tapestry and I loved the depth and contrast it brings out, almost as if the picture is sticking out of the tapestry. There’s also another piece where there is an elongated image on the ground and the image displays correctly on a mirror (refer to the images below to see what I mean)..

Overall, it was a great event and I like to thank the MCA for the opportunity to preview the Chuck Close exhibition before the public opening day.









Rediscovered Photos from the Vietnam War

In the news recently, a Vietnam war photographer digitized 2,000 photo negatives of his fellow soldiers from Vietnam which had been sitting in a box for 45 years. Charlie Haughey is not a combat photographer and was shooting mainly morale boosting photos of the unit.

There are some interesting photos in the collection and I recommend checking them out at his website.

Photo Shoot of Bella

Did a photo shoot two weeks ago for my good friend, Mel’s daughters, Bella and Lily. Below are the photos.

20130305-01) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-02) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-03) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-04) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-05) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-06) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-07) Bella.jpg20130305-08) Bella.jpg20130305-09) Bella.jpg20130305-10) Bella.jpg20130305-11) Melissa, Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-12) Lily and Mel.jpg20130305-13) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-14) Lily and Bella.jpg20130305-15) Lily and Bella.jpg



Tawny Frogmouth Owls

Tawny Frogmouth Owls (click on the image to see a larger size)

Learnt about them from a neighbor (Robyn) when she pointed 4 of them out to me when I got home after work.

There’s three of them in this photo if you look really closely. The owl on the far left has its back facing the camera.

The owl on the right is the parent and the other two are just babies. The other parent is on a branch on the tree above them. (I reckon that would have to be the dad).

I like the owl in the middle as it has it has really bright round eyes and is looking directly at the camera!

That little piece of meat in front of the owl is actually tuna sashimi. Another neighbor, Frank (who part owns a sushi store), figured they must be hungry and left it there. However Tawny Frogmouths are exclusively insectivorous, so it is a shame to see sashimi go to waste.

These owls have excellent camouflage and they stay very still too. I wouldn’t have noticed them if Robyn didn’t point them out to me. Good to learn about another type if owl this evening.

[Video] My Graduate Experience

Two months ago the University of Wollongong Alumni office contacted me wanting to do a video of my graduate experience.

The idea was for the video to be shown at the 2012 December graduation ceremonies. Previously they used to show videos of Graduating students, talking about their university experience, but this year they decided to do a video of a few select UOW Alumni instead; the video was to have 6 Alumni members in there and it was to cover where we all are now, what we are currently doing and how our experience at UOW had helped us get there.

The video was shot at my work place and the interview was done just outside of the building (where we had good natural light). They shot the video handheld, using a DSLR, Canon 5D Mk II and because of the occasional traffic noise, we had to constantly re-shoot some of the interview questions.

In the end, they decided to create a few videos instead just one; and determined that three of the Alumni members (myself inclusive) had enough content to have their own video.

Below is the video of My UOW Graduate Experience

It was a great opportunity to help give back to the University and also quite a fun experience shooting the video.

Scuba Diving with Seals

Went scuba diving with Seals today with Tracey, Anita, Lis and Brett. We dived at Martin Island, which is one of the 5 island from Wollongong.

Below are some photos from the dive

20110903-05) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-102) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-103) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-24) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-26) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-32) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-38) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-41) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-42) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-55) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-56) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-58) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-61) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-62) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-68) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-69) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-70) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-73) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-76) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-77) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-78) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-79) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-95) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-99) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg


Weekend at the Snowies!

Spent the weekend at Threadbo doing some snowboarding. Brought my goPro Helmet Camera along and here’s some random shots taken from the highest T-Bar in Australia!

It was a fun weekend as we had an awesome group who were a good mix of boarders and skiers (predominantly skiers though).

And I figured why not add one of me falling backwards off my board too. 🙂

I Love Holding my Breath

Did a video shoot for Mishka on Tuesday Morning for the ABC Open Project. Below is photo from the shoot. I like the concept of using hand written notes, especially underwater!

Newspaper Front Page Feature

Yesterday, August 13th 2011, two of my underwater photos were featured in the regional newspaper. One was featured in the front page!!!

Below are pictures of the newspaper. Click on the picture to view a larger version of them if you like to read the article.

You can find more of free diving photos taken that day at the post “Free Diving at Gravel Loader with Mishka