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Free Diving at Gravel Loader with Mishka

A few weeks ago, the seas were flat, so headed out to the Gravel Loader at Bass Point, Shell Harbour with Mishka to do some free diving.

Took advantage of the clear waters to do some photography. Below are some of the pictures.



First Dive off the HMAS Adelaide

Descending to the HMAS AdelaideGreg and Peter at the Bow of HMAS AdelaideBow of HMAS AdelaideAir BanksStern of HMAS AdelaideHelicopter Hanger of HMAS AdelaideHelicopter Hanger of HMAS Adelaide

The HMAS Adelaide is an Australian Naval Destroyer which was sunk in early May to create an artificial dive reef, the first of its kind in NSW. The dive site is located off Avoca Beach near Terrigal, which is about 2hrs north of Sydney. I did my first dive there on 29th May 2011 and below are some of the shots taken.

You can find out more about the HMAS Adelaide at


Scuba Diving at Currarong

Went scuba diving down at Currarong on Saturday. Saw schools of Yellow Tail Fusiliers and Old Wives. Also saw two Wobbegong sharks, 2 moray eels and a massive bull ray! Below is a video of the dive, the first part shows the start of the dive, when we just descended. The second part, which is about 0:41 into the video, shows the Wobbegong Shark. The video quality isn’t that great as it was shot with my compact camera.

Photos from the Dive

20110319-002) Roland and Ben Gearing Up.jpg20110319-009) Old Wives.jpg20110319-012) Moray Eel.jpg20110319-020) Wobbegong Shark.jpg20110319-025) Roland Curll.jpg20110319-039) Nudibranch.jpg20110319-041) Sea Biscuit.jpg

Scuba Diving for all things Nudi

Did a scuba dive over the weekend with the intention of photographing some nudibranchs.
Below are some of the photos I’ve taken.