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Video of Giant Cuttlefish

A week ago, I scuba dived at the Gravel Loader to photograph some Giant Cuttlefish. The photos are available here.

I felt that photos itself would not do the cuttlefish justice as the way they move underwater is quite spectacular. So I took some video footage too and it’s now available on YouTube.


Giant Cuttlefish Photography – Scuba Diving at Gravel Loader

The water was flat and the weather was great so it was a great opportunity to get some photographs of the Giant Cuttlefish at The Gravel Loader @ Bass Point.

The Gravel loader is one of my favorite dive site as it is an easy dive and you can usually spot a few giant cuttlefish here, and this dive was no exception.

There are two entry points for this dive, one of either side of the loader. Once in the water, take a compass bearing to the loader and start swimming to it underwater. When at the loader, swim beneath the pylons until you get to the end. The pylons on the main part of the loader is different from those at the end, they are shaped like an inverted V (take a look at the picture). so it’s easy to tell when you are at the end. There’s not much to see until you get to the end and it’s quite shallow, with the end being at around 10m deep.



Serpent Pteraeolidia

Not something you see often while scuba diving. This Serpent Pteraeolidia was sighted while diving off Bushrangers Bay in Bass Point, NSW.


Underwater Fashion Photography With Mishka

Here are some photos from an underwater fashion photography shoot with Mishka. It was taken in her swimming pool and it was shot in the evening as we were trying to take advantage of the Blue lights in her pool. Hope you enjoy them.

Photos Featured on ABC’s Front Page

Woohoo, an underwater photo I took of Michaela has been featured on the front page of the ABC’s Open Project!

Below is a screenshot of the website. [Click on the screenshot to see a larger version]

Also if you click on the underwater image at the website, you will see another underwater photo which I took.
Below is the screenshot of the page. [Click on the screenshot to see a larger version]

That picture was actually taken from an earlier underwater shoot with Michaela which was featured in an article a month earlier.

That article can be found at
Below is a screenshot of the article. [Click on the screenshot to see a larger version]

Scuba Diving with Seals

Went scuba diving with Seals today with Tracey, Anita, Lis and Brett. We dived at Martin Island, which is one of the 5 island from Wollongong.

Below are some photos from the dive

20110903-05) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-102) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-103) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-24) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-26) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-32) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-38) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-41) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-42) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-55) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-56) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-58) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-61) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-62) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-68) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-69) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-70) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-73) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-76) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-77) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-78) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-79) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-95) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110903-99) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg


I Love Holding my Breath

Did a video shoot for Mishka on Tuesday Morning for the ABC Open Project. Below is photo from the shoot. I like the concept of using hand written notes, especially underwater!

Newspaper Front Page Feature

Yesterday, August 13th 2011, two of my underwater photos were featured in the regional newspaper. One was featured in the front page!!!

Below are pictures of the newspaper. Click on the picture to view a larger version of them if you like to read the article.

You can find more of free diving photos taken that day at the post “Free Diving at Gravel Loader with Mishka

Diving with Seals at Martin Island (Video)

Here’s a little video I’ve put together of the dive.

Read more about the dive and see the pictures at

Scuba Diving with Seals at Martin Island

Last Sunday, I did a dive with Seals off Martin Island. Normally if I wanted to dive with Seals, I would have to drive down South to Mystery Bay to dive off Montague Island. That’s a couple of hours drive to get to Mystery Bay and a fairly long boat ride out to get to the island. But during the winter, the Seals head up north and spend some time on Martin Island, which is only a short boat ride off Wollongong Harbour on the United Divers Boat. Here are some photos taken from the dive.

UPDATED: There is also a video of the dive at

20110731-006) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110731-013) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110731-017) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110731-034) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110731-035) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg20110731-042) Scuba Diving with Seals.jpg