Canyoning at Macquaries Pass

2013-02-10-Canyoning at Macquaries Pass

Canyoning Macquarie Pass with Wulf and his friends.

Had a full day of canyoning last Sunday with Wulf and his friends. Met Wulf from Water Polo and also at Hangdog, so thats how I know he’s into rock climbing and canyoning.

Woke up at 5:45am in the morning and left the house at 6:45am as we were meeting at the car park at the bottom of Macquarie Pass at 7:30am. I’ve done Macquarie Pass twice before but this time we’re dong it from the top, the very start of the canyon. There were 5 people in our group. There was Wulf, Richard, Wulf’s sister Anna, Anna’s boyfriend Andrew and myself. It was Anna and Andrew’s first time canyoning. We parked the vehicle at the top and walked downhill a bit before heading toward the river. It took a while before we got into the river as we got a little lost and had to bash through some really thick plants. Had scratches on my forearms, hands and neck as a result of that. Also there were lots of leeches!!! We kept walking instead of trying to pull the leeches off as there were too many of them and they were jumping on to us faster than we could pull them off.

Once we got into the river, we followed it down stream for a while before hitting the first abseil. There were 3 abseils and a mini jump before getting to the abseil where we would normally get to if we started on Clover Hill Road. The second of the 3 abseils was 35m long!!!! Good thing Wulf and his mate Richard had a 70m and a 100m rope between the two of them! The views of the waterfall were amazing!

We started at around 8:30am and it was around 12:30pm when we got to the start of the first abseil if we had parked at Clover Hill Road.

The rest of the canyon from there was familiar. There were three areas where the slings were removed!?#! Luckily Wulf brought extra slings so we were able to attach new slings. Got to the final slide at around 4:30pm and was back at the car park at 5pm.

There was an accident along the main road we took to get to the parking lot and we could hear Ambulance and a helicopter when we were walking out of the canyon (towards the car park). As a result of the accident, we couldn’t drive back to Albion Park on that road and had to drive up the pass and do a big loop to Jamberoo and around to Albion Park. That took more time and by the time I got home, it was 6:30pm. It also started raining when I was driving so we were very lucky with the weather. 🙂

Great canyoning day!


  1. ian bennett March 7, 2014 at 7:58 am #

    interested in how you got in to the top of the canyon.i did macquarie canyon years ago (2000).
    parked the cars at a clearing (old gravel tip ) at the top of the pass.then we walked due east through the bush then scrambled under a barbed wire fence then walked across a paddock then into the bush.came into the creek about 100 metres up stream of the first abseil at a water jump.sounds like you came in higher i right ? also did you have to cross private property to access the canyon.happy canyoning!

    • edwin April 11, 2014 at 12:03 pm #

      Hi Ian, I can’t tell you exactly where we started as I don’t really know. It was my first time doing it from the top and I just followed my friend who have done it before. Personally it’s not that exciting doing it from the top as there were lots of bush bashing, lots of walking, very little water and few abseils. The time we took to get from the top to the mid-point (The first abseil if you were to start from clover hill road) was the same time it took to get from that mid-point to the bottom car-park.