Capturing Moments, Creating Stories

Photography is about capturing moments and creating stories. Each photo should tell a story. It should make the viewer stop and take a closer look at the photo, wondering what the subject in the photo is doing or thinking. Photography is not just about displaying the visual scene, but also about capturing the moment and conveying its emotions.

My love for photography started underwater. I was scuba diving regularly and loved the vast array of fish and corals that I was seeing. The colors were amazing and diving felt so peaceful, everything was beautiful and I wanted to show friends and family what I was experiencing underwater. At that time Canon was just starting to release underwater casings for affordable point and shoots cameras and thus my journey into photography began.

From underwater photography, I’ve now progressed into doing a wide variety of different types of photography. The main areas of photography which I do are travel, landscape, portrait, action and weddings.

I trust that you will enjoy your visit to my site.

Edwin Kwan


I do weddings, product/building photography, individual, groups and family portraits. Please contact me if I can be of assistance on your wedding or photography needs.

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