Monthly Archives: December 2014

Cow Branding

During last week’s visit to Goondiwindi, I got to experience a few of the things that happen at a farm and had the opportunity to observe a few cows getting branded. I’ve created a video to document the process.

Blue Mountains Hiking Trip

I had organised a hiking trip in the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains in late November 2014.

We met at the Bakehouse on Wentworth in Blackheath and decided to park our cars in the neates glen car park. From there we walked to Evans lookout and descended into the Valley from there. When we found the first swim-able water hole, we immediately stopped and went for a swim in it. We did a total of 3 swims on the first day and 1 on the second day. The water was refreshing and not too cold. There was 10 of us in the group with 2 only doing it as a day trip and they turned around and headed back a little bit after lunch. We camped at Acacia flat and checked out the Blue Gum forest. It was a great hike and the weather was good too for that time of the year. It wasn’t too hot but on the second day, it started raining as we were ascending back up to the car park.

Below are some of the photos taken from the trip.