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Giant Cuttlefish Photography – Scuba Diving at Gravel Loader

The water was flat and the weather was great so it was a great opportunity to get some photographs of the Giant Cuttlefish at The Gravel Loader @ Bass Point.

The Gravel loader is one of my favorite dive site as it is an easy dive and you can usually spot a few giant cuttlefish here, and this dive was no exception.

There are two entry points for this dive, one of either side of the loader. Once in the water, take a compass bearing to the loader and start swimming to it underwater. When at the loader, swim beneath the pylons until you get to the end. The pylons on the main part of the loader is different from those at the end, they are shaped like an inverted V (take a look at the picture). so it’s easy to tell when you are at the end. There’s not much to see until you get to the end and it’s quite shallow, with the end being at around 10m deep.