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Munich was a Blast

Guten Tag,

I’ve spent the last few days in Munich, visiting and photographing cathedrals and castles in the day and drinking heaps of beer in the evening! Below are some photos from my stay in Munich!

View of Marienplatz Town hall from St. Peters

The photo above was taken from the top of St. Peters. It’s the Town Hall in Marienplatz. Every day at 11am and 12noon, the clock tower will chime and the many figurines will move. This was taken at 11am.

Painting on the wall of houses at Oberammergau

On the drive to Neuschwanstein Castle, we stopped by the town of Oberammergau. The walls of the houses had paintings on it and they were usually tell a story of one of the many fairy tales like little red riding hood.

Below are photos of Neuchwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle


Also there were lots of fruit stalls around Marienplatz. The fruits of the season seems to be Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.


Scuba Diving at Currarong

Went scuba diving down at Currarong on Saturday. Saw schools of Yellow Tail Fusiliers and Old Wives. Also saw two Wobbegong sharks, 2 moray eels and a massive bull ray! Below is a video of the dive, the first part shows the start of the dive, when we just descended. The second part, which is about 0:41 into the video, shows the Wobbegong Shark. The video quality isn’t that great as it was shot with my compact camera.

Photos from the Dive

20110319-002) Roland and Ben Gearing Up.jpg20110319-009) Old Wives.jpg20110319-012) Moray Eel.jpg20110319-020) Wobbegong Shark.jpg20110319-025) Roland Curll.jpg20110319-039) Nudibranch.jpg20110319-041) Sea Biscuit.jpg

Scuba Diving for all things Nudi

Did a scuba dive over the weekend with the intention of photographing some nudibranchs.
Below are some of the photos I’ve taken.

Todd and Jenny’s Wedding

From Todd and Jenny’s Wedding on 12th Feb 2011 at the Sebel Resort & Spa Hawkesbury Valley.




The Stolen Scream

Having your photography viewed by hundreds of people is what every photographer wants, but only if you paid for your work or you get credit for it. However today, especially on the internet, too often do photographs get ‘stolen’ by businesses, websites and artists. I had it happen to me before, where my photos on facebook were downloaded and republished in someone else’s photo album and they laid claim to it.

For Noam Galai, you’ve probably seen his photos before. His Photography was stolen hundreds of times for years without his knowledge. This is his story.

The video below is an original fstoppers interview of Noam Galai.

The Stolen Scream: A Story About Noam Galai from FStoppers on Vimeo.

2011 MS 24hr Mega Swim in Wollongong

The inaugural MS 24hr Mega Swim in Wollongong was held on the weekend of 5-6 March 2011 and it was a huge success!

It was organised by Anita Graham and the 24hr swim took place at URAC.

Some of the supporters for the event include Recovery Works, Lis White Yoga, VO2 Vitality, Figtree Lions Club and URAC

Below are pictures taken from the event.

001) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg002) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg003) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg004) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg005) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg006) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg007) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg008) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg009) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg010) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg011) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg012) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg013) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg014) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg015) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg016) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg017) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg018) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg019) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg020) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg021) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg022) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg023) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg024) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg025) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg026) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg027) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg028) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg029) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg030) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg031) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg032) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg033) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg034) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg035) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg036) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg037) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg038) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg039) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg040) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg041) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg042) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg043) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg044) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg045) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg046) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg047) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg048) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg049) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg050) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg051) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg052) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg053) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg054) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg055) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg056) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg057) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg058) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg059) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg060) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg061) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg062) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg063) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg064) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg065) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg066) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg067) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg068) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg069) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg070) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg071) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg072) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg073) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg074) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg075) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg076) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg077) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg078) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg079) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg080) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg081) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg082) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg083) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg084) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg085) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg086) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg087) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg088) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg089) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg090) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg091) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg092) MS 24Hr Mega Swim.jpg


Joker Time!

Taken back in 2009 where we had a costume party for a friend’s 30th.


Vicki and Andrew’s Love Stories

From Vicki and Andrew’s Wedding. This was back in 7 November 2009.
Vicki and Andrew are good mates of mind and they had their wedding at Bellachara in Gerringong.
I wasn’t the photographer for the wedding but brought my camera along anyways and managed to get some shots.
Below are some photos of the ceremony, the ceremony was beautiful.





Photo Book: Nepal 2010 – Trekking the Annapurna Circuit

Nepal 2010

Trekking the Annapurna CircuitNepal Photo Book Front Cover

On March 17th 2010, 5 trekkers from 3 different countries set off on the Annapurna Circuit. The trek took 18 days moving through all the different geographies of the region. The highest pass crosses the tibetan plateau at the Thorung La at 5416m.

We saw and experienced apple pies, nepali tea, dhal bhat, donkey trains, goat giving birth, prayer wheels and flags, tibetan culture, rhododendron forests and much much more…

The pictures taken from the trip have now been compiled into a beautiful 34 page photo book with breathtaking photos of the trek.

The book is available for download using one of the two links below.

There are two eBook qualities available.

The best quality (full size) is 35MB in size while the medium quality is at 23MB.
Both are large files.


High Quality 35MB

Medium Quality 23MB